I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

the old days-----> fastforward to now

Hell its late!! Yet still Im up.. After watching the long line of prime time shows, I hang out in my room and did a once-in-a-bluemoon-tidying (if thats how its spelled). Discarded super old makeups, that I never really got to use much; frowned on the fortune I wasted in super priced beauty regimens that promised everything but did so little for me; smiled on my collection of bags, which reminds me to add more to it (grrr money again!). Most noteworthy was the nostalgia I felt when I discovered some high school memorabilia. I browsed through the certificate of appreciation, attendance, and participation. I felt once more the beaming pride I had when I read the thank you notes given to me when I was a student teacher for a few days way back then.

Oh how happy and carefree I was back then, so as we mostly were I think. I can almost smell the cooking classes we had, feel again the haughtiness and rebellious anger. All of them although a little long ago, was still so fresh to me and as always had been the best time of my life. As I look back from where I am now, I wonder where have these faces in my high school yearbook gone to? How are they doing? Interestingly, did they become the person/professional they wrote here to be? Its funny to see that I wrote in the yearbook I wanted to be a CPA. Well I did graduate knowing the accounting principles, but the wind has changed. I dont want to count money I do not own..

As I read on, I silently congratulated the faces who were consistent with what they initially wanted. I was a bit saddened by knowing some were never able to realize their dream, some needed to stop pursuing it, others didnt have the heart to start it. Me? I am just thankful that at least I made it halfway, and now, though I wont continue that CPA crown, I am still aiming and dreaming for something to achieve. Still pursuing and still wanting to realize it.

I offer a silent prayer, that all of us who dream and aspire may reach it no matter how many crossroads we might encounter. I pray that whatever direction we choose, we would still be blessed by the will, strength and the intense passion to travel the heights.

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