I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Vacation Royale

The Holy Week was holy for me indeed!! A full six days of holy unwinding.. 3 spent in Moalboal, the last 3 in hometown Malabuyoc. On the climax of the lenten season, I was with my good old friend, BFF, Dawn Bucad. That was actually the second time I had spent my holy week with her and the whole Bucad family. This time though, I was more immersed in the way the locals practice the common Filipino-Catholic rituals. I've helped with quite a number of new things while I was there. We lent a hand in making the flower arrangements on the "karo" where the replica of the dead Christ would be placed for the procession. I also joined the procession, well actually semi-joined, because it rained and I dont want to wash off my painted/drawn eyebrows, so we just watched the procession from the church and prayed the rosary. The highlight of my Moalboal trip is ofcourse the beach madness. Just like before, we went to Bas Dako to get drench in the sun and enjoy the enticing call of the fine white sand shore and oh so expressive sea.. I didnt get the tan I had hoped for, because I was so scared of being burnt that I put on a ton of spf 50 and 70 lotions. End product is my skin being darker but not with the tannish hue I wanted.. By Sunday morning I took the bus to Malabuyoc to spend Easter with my relatives. Went to the beach again not for a tan, but to relax and get cooled by the water, it was sooooo hot, and some afternoon disco with my cousins. The rest of the days there were spent by waking up at noon and sleeping at dawn. Danced Cha-Cha with some golden boys (50+ yrs old) a few shots of brandy and whalllah commences my vacation royale..

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