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Movie Review: The Story of Us

Romantic Comedy
I love this movie, so I rate 4 out of 5 stars

This was a movie released back in 1999. It starred Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. This is one of those movies i prefer to watch. Im not much of a sci-fi and magic movie kinda woman, I simply enjoy connecting what Im watching with daily instances of life. It's nice to see myself in a character, makes me learn more of who I am. Anyway this movie is about a married couple of 15 yrs who are at the verge of giving up on their promised journey together. Overt the years of their marriage all they seem to remember are the fights and horrible arguments that led them to hate each other to a point that they just simply make a happy scene in front of their two kids. But dont get them wrong, they still love each other so much and are finding ways to make up. Still with all the effort, they often end up lashing at each other for who they are and what they did, simply pointing fingers on whose to blame on why they had grown apart. You see, wife is so OC and has to be on specific schedule even sex has to be timed, while on the other hand husband is just too carefree and spontaneous. The two are clawing at each other because of differences.

Since The Notebook, this was the latest movie I shed tears on. It just hits me that it talks about setting aside differences and to compromise for the sake of your love and rich history both of you in a relationship have brought. I especially like the part where in Katie (Michelle Pfeiffer) decided on the last minute not to tell the kids they were getting a divorce because they were an "us" and she cant tell any other man she'll be with in the future that her child has his hands simply because he is not the father.

Relationships are about absorbing that other person so that in time there is only an "us" and no longer a you or a me. In relationships youll always see that in time both of you become a single tune it doesnt sound the same if correct notes are not side by side.

I love this movie and a toast to our relationships

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