I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

PS I Love You; WaMu Goodbye

March 8 2008

This is the last day I call myself a WaMu banker and a PS e-Rep. A year and a half or so have passed, such a short time really, but as I look back on the experience, I shudder with for thrill of the months that had expired. With that little time, I would never have thought of the great change it had brought me.

I started off as a distant dreamer, I never really believed in a career path. I chose the company on a first come first serve basis. PS was the one who called first, all the rest were too late. Still I didnt care what I will do just give me a job and ill do as u like, as a passive me have always been. I learned with out that much of an effort, just like how school was for me. I just learn fast thats all. For the longest time Ive always been the great ingrate for always missing the effort and most of the time showing off discounted bests. Nonetheless, I liked it there, I dont know why but something triggered my dead motivation and absent inspiration.

Without really giving it much notice or thought, I saw a new me, in an image so different, from what I had always painted. Little by little I sensed the bud of thrill from learning. Friendships are out of the question, as much as I hate a monotonous feeling is how I adore building social networks. I opened up to people as usual for me as the day comes. Special closeness were for characters so different from who I was. To teammates, supervisors and TMs, all of you have had a hand in molding me.

As I close this chapter of a beginning I had started not so long ago, I bear with me a beaming pride brought by the millions of calls I had to take, the callers I had to please and the thought that for all the time I had spent it had been the first time I forgot the experience was for me. Learning in its most true sense was the prize I won and a prize I will continue to pursue from now on.

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