I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Reckoning 2008 and 2009


... This was a year of reflections and self discoveries. I had spent most of this year looking deep into myself, of what I really want from life; my aspirations; who I want to be and how I wanted to see and project persona.

I knew a little about me and my quirks through the little travels I made with family and friends. I allowed myself to enjoy the immersion in new places and reflect.

Indulgence would be the perfect word to describe how this year was for me. I indulged in the opportunities revealed to me by circumstances. I embraced the curiosity for higher learning by enrolling in law school without any inclination of the difficult journey looming.

I thank the Almighty for my experiences and for the revelations I encountered this year. At least I had learned.

Looking back I think I have gone a notch higher than I had been before. This year I felt the BIG DIFFERENCE of trying to know who you are and rediscovering your lost self all over again.


Ahhhh... I felt so busy through out the year that passed. I always felt that I had so much to do yet, I do not have a list of these things having been done. I got exhausted even before I started doing anything at all.

I remember this year as a time of self doubts and procrastination. Motivation was hard to come by. There was no fuel to fire me up to do great things. I did not find motivation this year, or if I did, I lost it.

I was wallowing in stagnant water, not moving, not drowning but was still and afloat. Despite the lack of significant improvement, there is still something worth reckoning for 2009. I dub it "Materialistic 2009" evidenced by the number of materials blessings I have enjoyed. My Blackberry, HPmini, girly caprices; oh just to name a few.''

I end this year with the hope for a better and a more fulfilling 2010. It is TWO-OH-TEN after all...

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