I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Dayen The Canvass

This is my little sister Dayen.  She is my youngest sibling and the only sister I have.  She is 11 years old and soon she will be a teenager.  I kid her sometimes by calling her Emma ang babaeng emo (Emma the emo girl) because she so into the band Paramore and prefers wearing black.  Here are the two instances captured on camera where I put make up on her.  Since she is slim and curvy, something I never was (hahaha), I hope she materialize  my secret dream of being Ms. Universe.  Right after she overcomes her shyness ofcourse.

These pictures where taken from a birthday party for one of the daughters of Mom's officemates.  She won best in costume for showing up as a fairy.  She looked so adorable.  Of course I was the makeup artist.  It was not much of a job to do.  I just put on her a lot of shimmers and bronzers, a blue eyelid and yellow-gold lipgloss.  She just dazzled that day.

Sometimes when I get bored I practice my makeup skills on her.  She is always game for it even though her first response would be a big NO.  But she obliges, I'm her big sister after all.  For this set, I used the 56 color palette of Dollface Cosmetics on her eyes and cheeks.  On her lips is Nichido Multipurpose stick and a clear lipgloss for that pale effect.  Should this pass for a rock chick look?


  1. nice one bodge....si kirk na pd himu-i ug blog unya butangi make up...=)

  2. hahaha imagine kirk with makeup hahahaha.. ka remember nuon ko katong sayaw cya ug lambada pag grade 1 LOLS

  3. nalingaw ko shabz bwhahaha!!!!

    but you were thin before...ikaw jud...


  4. i was thin for 2yrs the most hehehe.. mao ra gpatilaw rko kadiut..

  5. That's adorable, lol! I used to wish I had a big sis who would put makeup on my when I was a kid. XD

  6. Kim Alfafara - Dayen is so CUTE!