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Im Not a Nazi

I have a fascination for social and cultural structures and how diverse and odd they are.  Nazism is one of them.  I've been looking for a hard copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf.  I have not seen it sold here in the Philippines.  

I do have the e-book but I value my eyes more than I hunger for information.

Do you know where I could buy one, new or otherwise?

Here is the link for the e-book if your interested.  Mein Kampf


  1. wow, i have a feeling we're gonna be super close. haha! love make-up AND world war 2 history, especially the Nazi Germany history and commentary. yeah. i'm not a supporter (of course), just thirsty for a lot of history. i watch docus about it all the time nga eh.:) and yes, i am learning Deutsch because of this fascination!

    my boyf (who is half-German) says that sale of Mein Kampf is banned in Deutschland and almost a lot of other countries, actually. but good luck with the search. thanks for the e-book link!

    btw, bout the "photoshop disaster", kindly look at emma's right leg. or what's left of it. lol. the campaign is beautiful, though


  2. hi eden thnx for the nice comment.. yeah i heard that the book is banned in most parts of the world. i like wwII its so full of unanswered questions. :P have a good day!