I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

To a Boy I Know ^^

Boy, light my fire

Drag my sweetness

Into the crevices of your lungs

Inhale my intoxicating scent

Blow out the dust from my heart

And only then could I wish

That I'd be like the nicotine

In that cigarette you're smoking

That sticks to your system

Corrupts you and gets you

Insatiably addicted to

~ by yours truly~

vector art by Alexandra Lorenzana


  1. I love you before when you were dark and a vixen...but I love you even more...uttering these sweet and romantic words...aww gawd my dear!!!! I hope you will find the great love someday...

    Trust me you will, I am always a true believer in LOVE you know...

    hahaaah miss you dear!!!!

    envy the vector much!

    take care

  2. hayst i hope so too.. I think its time for me to fall inlove again, the maddening kind of love ^^ I wish it will be as it should be this time around..

  3. This is a very nice poem. :) There's so much love and passion in it! Keep writing poems, it gives a different kind of fulfillment once you've expressed your feelings. :) Thanks again for dropping by, imma add you in my blogroll. :)


  4. thanks for the boost judy ^^ its big coming from you ^^