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The Edward I'm Screaming For

Brock Edward Lesnar
The reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion who recently defended his title from Shane Carwin despite having gone through a life threatening sickness the past months.  He won over the very persistent Carwin via the arm triangle during the second round.  

Why do I like Lesnar?  He's the one big bad ass at 6'3" in all his 265lb glory and he never let's his haters down.  Now that's one scary dude!

Definitely the TOUGHEST s.o.b. around!

Prior to UFC 116 I only look at Lesnar with awe simply because of his size and fake wrestling show speeches, but after last Saturday's fight I now see him as a different man who deep inside is really a professional as implied in his post fight interview by Joe Rogan. 

Brock just went up my list now just second to Georges St-Pierre.  You're not even close Edward Cullen! 

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  1. hahahhaah, he is one scary dude....look at his muscles...I don't really know him but saw something on youtube regarding his fight....I thought he lost but he won...

    oh well, I am still scared of his face and body hahahaha!!!!

    take care love