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Turban Fashion: Cache-Misère

tur·ban [túrbən]
1. headdress: a man's headdress that consists of a long piece of fabric wrapped around the head or around a small cap, completely covering the hair, worn especially by some Sikhs and Muslims
2. woman's hat: a woman's hat that is similar in shape to a man's turban

[Mid-16th century. Via obsolete French turbant, Italian turbante < Turkish tülbend < Persian dulband]
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I only know so little about this piece of headdress, the turban.  My limited knowledge can only relay that turbans are worn by Muslims and Indians to serve as a social status symbol and at the same time an effective protection against the heat of the sun and dust.  There is yet so much more about the turban that I do not know of.  

What interests me is the fashionable elegance I seem to associate the turban with.  Turbans may not be the rave today but it did had its time way back in the 40's and 50's.  Once in a while couture designers include chic turbans on the runway but only to accent and give ummpf  to the main outfit feature.
But there are a few people adventurous, eccentric and fashion forward enough who don a turban  and get away with it.  
           Beyonce                                     JLo                                                              Kate Moss
In the fashion world, turbans are the fabulously chic alternative to wearing a hat when you are having a bad hair day.  Termed as "Cache-Misère" by French couturier Poiret which literally translates to "hide-misery". 

Do you think I can get a way with wearing one? What do you think? hehehehe 


  1. I have to try this and check it out for myself wheheheh..exciting...you look good though try it on...for yourself and take a pic love...

    take care

  2. i tried with a chiffon scarf, i gave me an interesting outcome, i realized i have to make my face less prominently round lol

  3. I actually saw one over at SM. Something in blue and fuschia. Go buy 'em! :)