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The Dragon Has Been Slain

UFC 113 was heartbreaking for many of us especially for my brother.  He worships Lyoto Machida with equal passion as I have for George St-Pierre.  I was hoping the Dragon would still remain undefeated but I have got to give it to Shogun Rua for acquiring the ability to find his opponent's weakness, the skill to execute his annihilation game plan that cemented a well deserved UFC light heavyweight champion belt.  Not only did he beat the Dragon, he literally had slain him showing to all of us that in mma no one is unbeatable nor invincible and that he is now truly a full fledged champion.
Also do allow me to express my utter disgust over the actions of Paul Daley after the end of his fight with Josh Koscheck.  That punch he threw despite the fact that round 3 was over was just indicative of how much of a lousy sore loser he is.  MMA may be brutish in many ways than one but it is never a venue for you to unleash your animosity and lack of discipline.  I don't like Koscheck but at the end of the day you still are supposed to be a man of sports who should know the basics of sportsmanship and professionalism.  That is elementary Daley!  Baboo!

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  1. yeah, i was also pretty disgusted with Semtex's actions the fight (although i just read about it, i wasn't able to watch the whole PPV yesterday.) and with a lame excuse such as not hearing the bell ring, i don't think anyone would buy it. and yeah, too bad The Dragon has been slain. we all found out about it at UFC 104 that it is possible and when the rematch was announced, i knew that Shogun would make sure he's gonna KO Machida.

  2. when your way up high, u fall down fast and hard.. awtsss

  3. Yeah its really nice to hearna may superhot na chick whose into UFC/MMA im a big fan of both but i knew right all along from the first fight na shogun won it. Shogun knew that if he can answer back to machidas counters then he'll definitely solve the machida puzzle box, he had machda onfused with the kicks on the second fight, shogun scrambled good from the ground and had machida suprised with a overhand right.
    semtex is full of shit koz' definitely sent him back to school.
    Koz' took him down like rag doll, and stayed on top of him like a guy who has an 18 yr old gf.

  4. Its really nice to now na may superhot an chick whose into MMA lalo na UFC na org(strikeforce sucks, Bellator is fair, M-1 is for kids, Dream is junk)im a fan of both but i had shogun winning since 104, machida still used the same shit before only this time he is countering the leg kicks leg kicks as well, but shogun had him surpirised with an overhand right.
    Koz' had a good gameplan, had semtex on the palm of his hands, sent semtex back to scholl stayed on top of him like a guy with 18 yr old virgin