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Pacquiao versus Mayweather Jr: Is It a Go?

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Now that the Pacman has said yes to Prettyboy's ridiculus drug testing terms can there be a fight now?  People all over the world are waiting for this big big boxing event.  It's going to be the most important thing for the Philippines next to the oath taking of the 15th President of the nation.  Heck the fight might even weigh more compared to the culmination of the first automated elections!

So blabber mouth Floyd Mayweather Jr., will you now stop your whining and fight Pacquiao already?


  1. HAHAHA!AGREE!!!this fight is far more popular than anything.i hope dayun na ni!can't wait too.^=^

  2. wheheh excited for the fight....but what will happen if pacquaio lucks run out and he will loose this one??? so sad...

    much love,

  3. Oh this needs to happen. I will gladly pay to watch this game. :)