I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Wanting Someone You Can Not Have

For almost 4 years now I have been dreaming and wanting so bad to have someone to cuddle and pamper without any reservations.  Since I quit my job and then enrolled into law school, I have somehow lost the chance to get to be in the paws of someone who loves you unconditionally.  I have even failed my current loves in having neglected them in choosing my books and laptop over my responsibility to spend time with them.  

I wanted to welcome into my life a new love, a new dog, but sadly I had to make a tough choice.  For, now I can not have you yet, but in time when I can really commit, I will, I definitely will.

All this drama for wanting a chow chow dog, pardon me ^^ but these doggies are too adorable to not love.  I will jump for joy the day I finally bring home such a dog.  Now that's true love!
No, I dont own these photos :(


  1. King just told me that he has something for you..a bargained price chow2x....are you not gonna take it??? it is super cheap na!!! OMG the deal....

    but anyways, time will come dear!!!

    Take Care
    Much love

  2. yup the post was inspired by king's pm to me about available chow2 pups at a steal price.. im sad coz i want one so bad but i just cant commit to it yet.. huhuhu *sob

  3. my friend has a chow-chow and it's sooo cute!
    his name is mufasa and is such a prima donna..hehe. he just lies in front of the electric fan and when you give him food and drop it near his mouth, he'd only moved his head and tongue to reach it...without even standing up to get it! LOL.

    i bought 'snickers' just last nov 2009 when i was ready..took me awhile. i wanted to make sure i was ready to take care of him.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  4. chow2s are very high maintenance, plus they are known to be moody too. but theyre just too adorable to ignore.. i might get a less complicated dog maybe a pug but ill have to make time.. arrgggh!

    tnx for the lovely feedback girls love yah!

  5. omg, that dog is so cute x


  6. what should i do if i want to get a Panda dog cuz this breed is look so cute . and where i can find this dog breed .i did hear it exist only in china.