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Dangers of Optical Vanity

Every other beauty enhancing tip out there would never miss out on recommending cosmetic contact lenses.  With all the K-Pop and J-Pop fever going on, these two countries' obsession for big anime-like eyes is naturally soaked up by fanatics and admirers alike.  Poof!  Colored and designed contact lenses are becoming easily available.  Pitch in the law on supply and demand and now we have very affordable contacts in ebay, facebook, multiply and just about anywhere else like your local market stall.

I have been a contact lens user since I was 15.  It is a convenient alternative to my bulky and not very flattering -350 eyeglasses.  Generally, its contact lenses during the day and eyeglasses when I am home and resting.  I have been using colored contacts for 2 years now and it's because I love how it make my eyes dazzlingly alluring.  This is definitely on my top ten best inventions list!  Leonardo da Vinci seriously ought to be venerated or something.  Ive only bought my contacts at optical shops and my brand of choice is Flexwear.

What calls for concern is that cosmetic contact lenses are now everywhere and with questionable origins too. I came across this post about fake contact lenses scare by Martha of thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com.  Take a good look on this documentary report and judge this optical vanity for your selves.

Ive always wondered why optical shops havent stocked on these very cheap contact lenses, now I know the answer.  Here are a few things to consider when you decide on wearing contacts.

  • If your only using contact lens for cosmetic purposes then avoid using it regularly as contacts are still foreign objects that can very well irritate your eyes.  
  • Personal experience dictates that colored contacts get pretty uncomfortable to wear after just 6 straight hours of wearing it.  Avoid using them long hours.
  • Always always buy only from trusted optical shops.  Dont get lured in by what youtube people say.  
  • Keep hands clean especially when cleaning, rinsing, storing and finally wearing your contacts.
When it comes to the welfare of our eyes, I think its just fitting to be careful to a point of being OC about it.  You can not afford to be cheap in this area.  


  1. this is exactly the reason why i stopped reselling! i actually ranted before on FB about the effects of these circle lenses and that they were just too cheap to be true. but then i just found myself buying one afterwards! (because i had to find a cheaper alternative to the expensive clear ones, given that i live on allowance!) but this has to be taken seriously. better safe than sorry. it's either i start to save up, or just use the trusty eyeglasses :)

  2. ive been tempted to buy many times and i almost did! my eye grade was a blessing in disguise.. come to think of it those sold in optical shops arent that pricey anymore.. i swear by Flexwear ^^