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Only in the Philippines: Fiesta Mr/Ms Macho Gay Contests

A Filipino barrio fiesta would not be complete without the highlights "disco-ral" or disco in a fence and beauty pageants, may they be little Miss/Mr, Ms/Mr Local or the hilarious Macho Gay contests.  We love to celebrate any occasion, we even throw parties for the dead.  This is deeply rooted in our culture, we Filipinos are the best party goers in the face of the earth.
I got to judge 12 straight men on who was the best in being a Mr. or Miss Macho, though I really didnt know what that means.
They were all oiled up and made up to deliver the most wacky entertainment with their exaggerated movements and green jokes.  The whole town was roaring with laughter.  Then disco till the break of dawn.

FYI: Some of the gowns used here were actually used once in a real fashion show back in the late 80's where in Melanie Marquez was one of the models.  She might have worn one or two of these gowns.

cotton racer back mini dress: Metro Ayala
cocktail rings: Bangkok from Sweet
gold ipanema starfish sandals: gift
maybelline colorsensational in summer sunset
fabulous tan: Malabuyoc Sun


  1. hahahaha. macho gay! kalingaw! aha ni oi?!! i'd wanna propose this for our fiesta sad. i miss you too, love!


  2. I really love to watch A Macho Gay Contest. Filipino gay are the best entertainers. Though some people will not respect them, but i still adore their capacity and talent. So much fun they had given to us. I once saw a pageant that are gays, but they look like woman :D