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My Summer's Last Hoo Haaah!

Just like a kid scraping her fat fingers on an empty jar of strawberry jam, I scraped all I can from whats left of my summer.  The whole family went to our home town Malabuyoc, Cebu to spend 3 lazy days doing nothing but basking under the sun and enjoying the municipal sea and river.  
Malabuyoc is often just passed by without so much notice.  Not many people know where this place is and really there is not much word about this simple town either.  But despite the lacking ummpf! of Malabuyoc, I have been coming here since I can remember, my love for this town has grown on me.  It is where my parents where born, raised and fell in love.  Malabuyoc is a very closely knit community, everyone knows everyone, and boy! words do travel faster than speed of light here! 
 mom waving as if she's a politician or something.. lol
goofing around while walking back home
This is Aransana river.  Water gushes out from big rocks from the mountains and flow down stream. Locals go here to douse the summer heat.  
We do all sorts of stuff here, chitchatting is just one of them.
Me and my costar cousin sporting the Ruby look and fabulously sun burnt from 4 hours of bitching beaching. ^^ 

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  1. i really love the tan...envy much!!! hehehe

    love it girl...

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