I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

A Social Climber's Blooper

First day of school last Monday and I was uber excited because I have not stepped inside school grounds for more than two months.  The weather was as crazy as ever, so just imagine a very sweaty me running up and down the winding stairs to get enrolled.  In grad school there's no rush to get yourself enrolled because classes offered would never close due to minimal enrollees.  But before the hullabaloo of my enrollment, I started my school year with a very very hilarious BANG!  
This is the bag from this haul
I was just about to come down from the jeepney I was ridding for school when suddenly a lady of chalk white face (chinchansoo alert) pointed her lips towards my knockoff Chanel bag and then said "Miss, mao nay GUSI?"   (Miss, is that GUSI?) I did not have the time to answer her because I was careful in getting down from the vehicle.  As soon as I processed her question, I was roaring with laughter while crossing the busy street from Carbon, a big market place right across my school.  To this day I still smile when I remember the incident.  Not to be a snob, but I think GUCCI is a fairly recognized brand by all walks of life.  Moreover, Chanel has a very distinct trademark don't you think?  Can someone write and distribute the FAQ's of a fashionista/socialite wannabe please?  I'd like to get a hold of that too LOL


  1. I read this update at facebook or twitter...I forgot already but I was laughing out loud hahahah that was a classic question...hahahah!!!

    just curious is she a student from our school? hahahah

    take care
    much love,
    I miss your post!!!