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Summer 2012 Report!

Hold on!  Before I get burrowed in school work and kilometer after kilometer of reading lists, let me stop and cherish my 2012 Summer frolics.  

  • Jumpstarted summer 2012 with a pre-summer island hopping trip to Pandanon Island courtesy of Eris Island Hopping with my law school friends.  
  • Spent a day and a half on my first visit to Malapascua Island with my brother's friends. 
  • Went home to Malabuyoc for the Holy Week.  
  • Had fun doing makeup for City of Vintage's 5th swimsuit collection!  Highly recommended!
  • Another island hopping trip and this time it was at Nalusuan Island with my family and close friends from highschool.
  • Team No-Rules summer 2012 outing at La Familia Resort Tabuelan Cebu.
  • Went home to Malabuyoc for the customary annual town fiesta!
  • Lastly, I accepted the fact that summer was over and moved on to get ready for 1st semester 2012-2013 and bought me some (actually mom bought them!) school bags!

Enjoy my pictures!! oh add me on 

Pandanon Island

pandanon island
eris floating restaurant

Malapascua Island

boat ride


Malabuyoc, Cebu

Malabuyoc river

Did Makeup for City of Vintage

Nalusuan Island

 No-Rules summer outing at Tabuelan, Cebu

 Malabuyoc annual town fiesta

Wrapping up Summer 2012 Report with new school bags!


  1. My impression of you has never diminished since high school, Sab. You are one gutsy lady. Such a vixen! ;)

  2. shameless in a good way i hope! lol thanks for dropping by mauie ^^