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Boo Silva! Boo!

All of the other fights I liked.  All the other fights were impeccable, impressive and really outright raw.   Silva and Sonnen's fight, to me, seemed just a bit short of a Hollywood show, if not totally concerted.  Commercialism at its finest!  I've seen Anderson Silva's stances, moves, agility and a good chunk of his infamous octagon prowess.  Simply put, I feel he had doused those skills, literally spitting at his own face by willfully lowering his guard down and just "tanked" Sonnen's aggression.  He brought disrespect not only to himself but to all those who trained him and he did it twice!  To err is human to err again is stupid!

You still are the best in your division, hell I even think you can take GSP, but your integrity had been pounded down to dust and its your own doing.  Kudos to a great broadway-ish show!


  1. Hi, Isa! I never saw it as concerted, but now that you've mentioned, I kinda think it is too. But I still do believe that Silva is shocked that for the first time somebody is really coming at him without hesitations. I want a rematch, I want Sonnen to be the champ! :))

  2. Okay I cannot relate my dearest...but King explained it to me a million times but I still cannot get it hahahaa!!!

    but I am just glad you are blogging again!

    so how's the sponsorship???

    take care love

  3. Haha, my boyfriend watches that all the time!

  4. This POST is "impeccable, impressive, and outright raw!" I love the UFC, and I definitely catch your disappointed drift. I love your strong opinion and equally strong writing. Thank you so much for all the supportive and uplifting comments--I really appreciate them.

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