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How I Sparkle and Standout: A Skin Secret

Having suffered from dry flaky skin and uneven skin tone as a result of my active adolescent stage, I was frequently trying out lots of beauty soaps that can atleast help me get a good fair skin.  I say I have tried them all from moisture bars to whitening soaps with papaya extracts, shea butter, goats milk etc.  You name it I most probably have tried it.  

My search then focused on soaps with the same consistency as Dove.  I tried Olay but didnt like it because it darkens my skin.  Then I came across Caress Nature's Silk soap.  I feel like I have found the fountain of youth!  Ive been using it since I was 17 years old.  It's been 7 years of not looking back since then.  

I was not aiming for a whiter skin I just wanted to feel clean, moisturized and not red all over when I get out of the shower.  Right now I am in the most radiant skin I have ever been.  People say that when I go out under the sun, my skin reflects so much light.  A smooth and fair skin can really make you sparkle and stand out.

I use the soap generously by lathering it directly on my body and in some days I also use bath gloves to aid in scrubbing off dead skin.  Then after bathing I finish off with an age defying lotion.  It's the perfect beauty routine.
Caress Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating BW, Exotic Oil Infusion in Moroccan and the original soap bar
Just recently I got to purchase 2 variants from their new body wash line. The first one I use for days Im too lazy to exfoliate.  The oil-infused variant is used when I need a quick shower.  They make me wanna take a bath everynight!  I smell so good I could be eaten ahhaha! No pun intended.
before and after
So there you go, my secret is finally out.  I didnt bleach, nor did I burn cash on glutathione injections because that stuff scares me!  

Disclaimer: I was not at all asked nor paid to write this post ^^


  1. ahh yes!!! so this is the one you were talking about!!!! kewlness!!!!



  2. I don't like Olay too! :) And Caress smells good. My mother used to use it, I dunno why she stopped. Settled for Safeguard? :

  3. caress soap is hard to come by these days here is cebu.. that's why when we spot a dept. store selling it we usually hoard haha

  4. Great review! These sound like fabulous products!! :)