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Food Trip at Sugbo Mercado

Cebu is a Beauty may not be a food blog but the lady behind it is a foodie who can't say no to dessert or the goodness of grease.  Food trip at Sugbo Mercado is this Cebuana foodie's Neverland.

While the poster above may say it all about my favorite weekend market, it cannot possibly tell you how much of a foodgasmic experience it is.  You simply have to be actually be there and let your nose and your watering mouth lead you from one booth to the other.  

food trip at sugbo mercado

When Sugbo Mercado opened last week, I had the strong urge to sample EVERYTHING.  I stopped myself long before my wallet can oppose me.  I have the power of the purse but if the purse loses it's intrinsic powers then, I will exercise my right to summon a foodie friend.  But seriously, you don't have to fear for your wallet. A food trip at Sugbo Mercado can accommodate any kind of budget.  Take this as an example:  I had a huge filling burger with fries from 21 Dubs for just P100, a cold San Miguel Apple Flavored Beer for P45 and for dessert a really delectable treat from Charlie's Chocolate Farm at less than P100.  I could have had food coma if not for the company of Sweet and interesting new people with us on the table.

21 Dubs Burger

IT Park is on the opposite side of where I live but I am willing to labor through Cebu's traffic situation to experience it again.  Like I said on Facebook, if your are not going for the food then go there for the host.  Mr Pornografeed will charm you to eat everything he says to be good.

Check out Sugbo Mercado's Facebook page and Instagram for more of the visual stimuli.  While I rally my favorite alies for another round of food trip. #iBlogforCebu iBlogforCBC