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Looking Spruced Up!

Poor eyesight is in our gene pool.  Back in the days of Sweet Valley High, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and historical romance novels, when I read them all through midnight and lying down to boot, I get scolded for straining my eyes; that I'd go blind because of such vice.  How can reading be a vice?  

I started wearing eyeglasses when I started highschool, but I had already been squinting my way through gradeschool way before I got my eyes checked.  The world looked so much beautiful through hazy eyes back then.  But with a growing head comes the progression of my myopia, so it cant be helped, my present and future continues to be latched with prescription eyewear... for good!

I get my eyes checked at least once a year and just recently my myopia progressed from -400 to -475 since last year when I got my nerdy eyeglasses.  As I said it can not be helped.  What can be helped is seeing to it that the optical shops I go to maintain the standard of having licensed opticians and ophthalmologists that ensure the quality of eyewears prescribed and being sold. Cubix Eyewear offers that high quality service with style and affordability!

I was snooping around their site and found something I really like!  I'm lemming for the CUBIK 940 C1 tortoise shell frame.  Very classy and looks mighty sturdy too! Looking spruced up wouldn't be much of an effort with the right accessory on.  Plus filling it with my prescribed -475 eye grade, this baby makes up for style x functionality that I so live by.  ^^

I just might win Cubik eyewear simply by joining the Cubik Eyewear Blogging Contest!


  1. I've been reading books since high school too and thankfully, my vision is still 20/20. Or so, I thought. Haven't had complains pa man sad pero ayaw tawn. T_T

    But, I do love wearing nerdy glasses. It's sexy, right? :) 

  2. gang, karelate na jud ko ani! :( i found out my vision is 100/75 and i have to get glasses jud. have to wear them for awhile too, since i really don't do contact lens at all. sigh. 


  3. nerdy glasses are very functional - gives a bigger clearer view.. i envy your perfect vision! it sooo taxing to be stuck with glasses or contacts for life! someday ill pack the moolah for a lasik.. alahabs! ^^

  4. yep you'd really have to wear glasses or else your eye grade will progress drastically! i pray you wouldnt have to strain your eyes so much.. unsaon na lang pag spot the emalia!

  5. I can relate! :( But I'm getting used to it :)