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Lipstick Talk: Basic Colors

Nude, Pink and Red
Good things do come in threes.  I can give you a list but I'm not in the mood to be convincing right now.  However I am in a good enough temperament to share my personal theories on lipstick colors.  Lipstick, as many of my acquaintances know, forms part of my daily armor.  I carry it around like a switchblade - tucked away but can be easily whipped out when the need arises.  Pardon my tendency for violent metaphors, but I thrive on emphasis.  

Let me emphasize that a girl does not need to hoard on all the lipstick colors out in the market right now.  Believe me I have a trove full of lipstick that I could not possibly use up in the next 10 years.  And no, I am not giving them away, charity or otherwise.  A loud voice in my head says that I only really need three lipsticks to carry on and face the superficial demands of life.  Nude, Pink and Red.

Mary Kay Creme Lipstick in Apricot Glaze, Pink Melon and Red
Its a bit tricky to choose the right hue or shade of these three colors that would match your skin tone.  Makeup Guru, Michelle Phan, has a video that would help you identify what lipstick shade would suit you best.  

As for me, I have found my perfect matches in Mary Kay Creme Lipsticks.  

When it so hard to choose, I stick to the basic lip colors and then I get peace of mind.

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