I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Girl On The Wire

One of my ultimate fantasies is to be able to masterfully juggle time.  Be efficient, be all-knowing, be in all places at once! - is my perfect idea of a successful lifestyle.  Yep I have delusions of being a god! But don't we all?  The poker barbie has done it, so shall I!  I'd just have to learn how to get myself on the wire.

However I try to not let the maddening pressure seep through my choice of clothing.  Though laid back fashion is my thing these days, nothing spells Looney Girl better than a uniform sweatshirt. 

 I have temporarily retired my sky-high heels, leopard prints, and micro-mini skirts to give way to customized/DIY T-shirt, colored jeans and a pair of sturdy flats.

  • Tshirts from TEEm NO-RULES are really catching my eye.  I'm still contemplating on an awesome design though.
  • You can't miss colored jeans; they're everywhere now.  Mint green is quite in the radar too!  Check Lookbook.nu - sea foam green is the bomb!
  • Outland is my brand of choice when it comes to ground level foot wear.  You can find them in the local department stores.
Goddesses have down time too!  However,  you don't have to look all gloomy when life gives you lemons.


  1. hahaha when life throws me lemons I use it to polish my natural golden hair! lol

  2. "Goddesses have down time too!  However,  you don't have to look all gloomy when life gives you lemons."

    Aylavveeet! Hahahaha! Mao na unya ni akoang mantra beh!