I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Guilty Of Being Less Kikay

This post is not for the "macho."  

Straight or not, I am a girl.  Though slightly heavy handed and equipped with a lions roar, my armory has been and always will be never ending supplies of lipsticks and dresses.  But I admit, the past 2012 was not the in the top 10 of my best girly years.  Not at all a flouncy year for me.  Obviously, the lack of fashion related posts is evidence enough of my crime against my kind.

topshop oxblood dress
dress: Topshop

Forgive me.  Pardon my lack of appreciation and response to beauty and elegance.  I hope my holiday oxblood ( What a politically incorrect nomenclature! PETA is weeping!) dress - which wore 3 times in a month - will make up for the lost time.  It's very much backless and I wore it to Christmas Eve mass.  

I hope the circumstances are redeeming enough for you.

Hopefully 2013 will get me back on track.

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