I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

My Ordinary Perfect Day: Morning

While I sit on my chair and make my keyboard sing, I think about what would be my concept of a perfect day.  Do I put in only the activities and things that make me happy or do I factor in the necessary circumstances that makes a normal life.  It's more realistic to thing about an ordinary perfect day.  It is a day that can happen, although most of it will be wishful thinking.  Nonetheless, in the hope of having this day to my self and experience it in a foreseen time, I will imagine my ordinary perfect day.

ordinary perfect morning


  • Wake up before sunrise.  It is what most productive and successful people do.  They start their day beating the rays of the sun.  Waking up before the sun does means you are a go-getter, a person with a mission to get the day started.  
  • Exercise.  Yoga is a divine habit to start.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to really set a moment in my day to breathe out the aches that I do not have any use for.
  • A full breakfast of milk, bacon and eggs, rice, bananas and hot chocolate.  Coffee is optional.  In my ordinary perfect day, I am not a slave to coffee.
  • I'm reading a newspaper that is not biased.  I will not be critical of the facts I am supposed to be reading.  Then the flowers and plants will be eager listeners of my opinions on politics and economics.
  • Gracefully and without any hint of panic, I will step into the shower and have time to pay attention to my hair.  My happy tunes will echo through the lush greenery behind the fence.  Other people will welcome hearing it.
  • My eyebrows will be in its most cooperative state.  They will agree to my version of symmetry and the mirror too will reflect me in perfect radiance.
  • The clothes I will wear to work for the whole week have already been perfectly lined up.  No more shouting searching for something with collars.  My shoes will not have aged a day.  It will be as if I had a team of tiny shoe makers doing midnight work while I slept the night before just like a fairytale.
  • The trodden path to where I commute will be pleasant.  No arguing neighbors, no unkempt dog and no black cat crossing my way.  Luck is on my side on my ordinary perfect day.
  • Commute to work will be hassle free.  I get to sit properly and I wont be next to someone who coughs in open space.  I arrive a the office smoothly and my hair still looks well combed.  My laptop will tell me I have no adverse emails and then I can now move on to the tasks I had scheduled to do for the morning.

What is your ordinary perfect day?  Do you think mine is doable?