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The Hots for Scrubs

Nope not the TLC song! I meant scrubs, those worn in hospitals by medical people and apparently these days by posers too!  There is something about this hospital uniform that tickles my fancy.  Not that its a fetish of mine, but it sure can catch my eye.  Maybe its because when your in a hospital for an illness or something and your defenses are low that your hot guy/chick filtering system isn't working that well.  Boom! You get attracted to anything that stimulates your eyes; pointing my finger on the clean cut nurse wearing a bright blue scrub suit.

Scrub sets and other medical uniforms are becoming fashionable recently.  You dont need to be in med school to join in.  There are lots of colors and styles to choose from, you can even have it custom made.  To add spunk, a colorful and fun scrub hat should do the trick.  Yep! Exactly like what you see on TV.

Call me a loser but I am not a fan of Gray's Anatomy or Scrubs and all those medical drama on TV.  When there's already too much drama in your personal life and then you work in one of the top depressing places, that's just not appealing to me.  Nurse Jackie is quite different though!  Its entertaining! Im an endorphin junkie like that! ^^

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