I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Isabeau Unfolds 07

Day 07 - A Picture of Someone/Something That Has The Biggest Impact on You

 The Illusive Adonis

I am a full fledged member of the female species and I wouldn't want it otherwise.  I dont want to waste your time by letting you read hypocrisy if I write about how my parents or mentors or movie stars have had an impact on me.  Those stuff are given and I dont need to be cheezy about it.  Let's all agree that the pull to procreate aka finding a mate is so wired within all of us that whether we are aware or not our actions reflect that need.

Adonis is supposed to be the epitome of the kind of man women swoon over.  He represents a standard for what it is to be male.  A personification of something abstract that even after the past millennia no one could really concretely define.  What the fuck do women want?! It's an age old question people will try to answer but will never really hit bull's eye.

Who for me is Adonis?  Just like the Greek myth, Adonis is every guy out there who for a short moment lives up to your expectations and then just when the season changes he withers and dies to every girl's dismay.  His sweetness has an expiration date!  

For the record, I am not heart broken.  A tad bitter maybe, but I am not being spiteful!  I am this way when a realization dawns upon me.  So girls, cherish your man's Adonis stage coz that is rare and seasonal.  Lucky you if you can sustain that for a looong time.  That  is hard work I tell you! Fucking Goodluck!  

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  1. and I do cry for Adonis ahahahha...lovely post...you should go back to blogging again...I missed you!