I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Honor Among Thieves

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Honor, is that intangible and very valuable perception we have for ourselves that keeps our heads unbowed.  Simply put, it is pride and selfrespect rolled into one.  In the course of our life time, people around us will, once in a while, recognize our achievements as honors.  However, it is knowing that you deserve the recognition that makes it truly an honor.  Because honor, though how very little you may have of it for yourself, can never be taken away from you.  

What do you call a person who gets something not rightfully his? A thief, and he hoards on honor.  He intoxicates himself with the instant gratification he derives from fooling himself to believe that what he have are truly his.  His coveteousness is insatiable that is why in order to continuously feed that want, they operate in numbers, in an intricate conspiracy of deception.  It is a system that works so well until one of them will want some more.

And just like that, the honors a thief treasure most are snatched from his hands, leaving him empty instantaneously.  He finds himself exposed and eventually will either rob his robber back or slump to self distruct.  

We all have price tags.  It may or may not be capable of pecuniary estimation.  The fact is, we can be bought.  When we do decide to trade, stop and think if the price we set for ourselves is the price we truly deserve.  I believe that there is no honor in discounting ourselves, and that we become thieves when we bite off more than we ought to chew.


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