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Summer Kick Start: Dakong Bato Dalaguete

Let me tell you a discovery I happen to come across while looking for resorts near Simala.  Since there were no information about beach resorts in Sibonga.  I stretched my google muscles, sifted through Argao and found non that fits my liking, and finally zeroed in on Dakong Bato in Dalaguete.  We just wanted a good place to spend the night and swim in whatever, immediately following our Simala pilgrimage.  

All twelve of us could not possibly fit a Toyota Avanza.  So we let our bags sit on the rear end of the car and we the big 5, rode the public transportation to Simala.  When we got to the resort, we were all just giddy with awe on how clean and beautifully intriguing the place was!  Imagine a resort built on a cliff of huge boulders hence the name "Dakong Bato" or Big Rock.
photo from Dakong Bato fan page
We checked in on a big room with three beds and a balcony with a gorgeous view of the sea.  We ate our dinner, did some silly photo shoot with our swimsuits on and then eagerly went night swimming in the sea.  We loved how they cordoned the shallow part of the sea with concrete.  It felt safe to swim and no threat of sharp stones or sea urchins too!

And then there were their pools.  One was an infinity pool located on the right and the other pool was the one that had the slide.  

Do add me on Facebook if you want to see more of our silly photos, I warn you that we are a bunch of frustrated models, actors and actresses!  I'd love for you to check out my first contribution to InstyleCebu.  I gave some plus size summer tips!

We super love Dakong Bato and hope to come back and explore their facilities and drink in all the majestic view.  Mama Mary definitely wanted us to enjoy and have clean fun after we visited her.

For reservations, resort rates and general inquiries visit their main site at www.dakongbato.com or their Facebook fan page.


  1. the place looks great! i want to go there! this summer, i def will!
    i love the idea of night swimming because it does look safe. i just love the idea, but in truth, i'm scared baya of night swimming. ;)

  2. an early treat for summer!!! I like it...now I really want to get a good tan :d