I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

What's Your Choice of Poison?

Boracay Rhum by Tanduay
Where I grow up, alcoholics are normal everyday people.  Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse are not even at par with the likes of what we Filipinos declare as wasted drunkards.  It is no shocking matter to start drinking and liking alcohol at 14.  Heck!  I for one, was served spiked punches when I was 12.  
My brother drinks anything!
And just to rub it in some more, even 5 year olds can be sent to the nearest "sari-sari" store to buy for his dad his choice of poison, be it gin-bulag, kwatro kantos, marka demonyo, rhum or just the simple staple pale pilsen.  What can I say?  We're the happiest bunch!
I don't drink that much anymore though.  No more drinking to a point of passing out or throwing up. I've mellowed down to actually having a preference for sweet drinks, be it cocktails or flavored spirits and a lack of appreciation for anything beer or bitter.  I blame this on hangovers, which I never got when I was a teenager, odd really. 

I love Gilbey's Premium Strength, Tanduay Ice and Martini Asti.  I especially enjoy conjuring drinks like boracay, mojitos or just plain gin and juice or rhum coke.  You can't really pass out from these not unless you intend to.  

Sometimes mixing drinks become time consuming when you just want to chill and get the party started already, I'm glad Tanduay has created a new line of rhum that quite appealing to me and my crowd the least.  If I'm not mistaken this is their first flavored rhum.  I want to try it as soon as it hits Cebu City!  I wonder if its like Kahlua or Bailey's?  I have to personally find out, lucky for me I have lots of idle time.  

This is my kind of poison.  A book in hand and a beach as the view while I recline with a cold drink on the side seems pretty much the perfect activity this fine summer.  Oh, do not open The Bar you'll regret it!

Happy summer chillin!


  1. Hahaha nakatawa ko sa comment ni Sweet. :D

  2. are you sure your choice of poison is your book??? hahahahah I do not think so...hahahah :D