I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Round Number 27!

Wow! I am now really on my late 20's.  27 feels heavy too.  The number rings the loudest clang! clang! to my ears.  Like a huge coin going down a tin can.  But I believe 27 is that corner where the blind curve lies.  Its that sweet spot of aging where you know it in your gut that teenage drama is just not that cute anymore and swooning is for nut-jobs.  Ha! Christian Grey?  Really now?  I mean, come on! But I digress.  Growing up doesnt make things lighter, doesnt make you any more optimistic nor does it make you instantly omnificent.  

Hitting 27, and hopefully higher numbers in the future, made me feel the ground, the breeze, smell the scent of rotting leaves, the musky 4 o' clock afternoons, the bitter taste of sour graping, the strange tang of happy thoughts.  Sensitive is the word.

The day before my birthday, just the afternoon before this post, I wore last years birthday dress.  What once was a perfect fit is now too snug for comfort.  Pfft!  That is one aspect that has obviously progressed over the past year besides my age.  Nonetheless, a sign of progress, I guess. ;)

One thing is certain to come, time to pack up my toys and prep myself up for my life's main event for the current weight division.  I will have yet to qualify though.  Please pray for me. 

Toodles! for now.


Birthday girl - Isabeau

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