I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Celebrating 100 Baby!!

Finally reached my 100th post in 2 years of writing online!

In celebration, I'm treating you all!!
Here's how you can win my cutesy prizes:

  1. Be a follower through email subscription (upper right)
  2. Like my Fan Page 
  3. Follow me on Twitter
  4. Browse through my past posts and tell me in a comment below which one is your favorite and why. 

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  • Blog about this with the image above linking to this giveaway (5 points)
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Put everything you did in ONE COMMENT and include your email, facebook name and twitter username

*My giveaway is open to Philippine residents only

Ultimate Prize: A full outfit ensemble
cocktail rings and casual dress from Pens and Lens, satin rosette necklace from Thimble Cap, Custo bag, Parisian sling back wedge.
Best Comment Prize
Pretty pocket watch necklace and Levi's notebook from StarDots
Consolation Prizes
  • 3 winners of one cellphone pouch and a foldable round fan (for participants 16 and below only)
  • 1 winner for each earings
  • 1 winner for the elephant long necklace

This giveaway will run from October 29 2010 until November 19 2010.  Winners will be announced on November 20 2010.

The Ultimate Prize and Consolation prizes winners will be determined via raffle through random.org

Best Comment winner will be judged by me and 2 more people and it will be based on how you have connected with my blog posts.  So do tell me the cheezy stuff too! Id love to get to know you all!

Special thanks to the people who have continued to encourage me to write and have made this giveaway possible:

To Sweet of Pens and Lens for being my cheerleader in many ways and for the outfit/rings sponsorship.  
To my very good friend Liz for sponsoring the Custo bag and for updating me with the hottest trends.
To my mom for the shoes and for the everlasting love.
To Gizelle of Vanilla Ice Cream for bringing the giveaways from Bangkok
To Meream of Thimble Cap and Simonette of StarDots for such wonderful finds!
and most of all to the first 30 followers and 130 who "liked" my fan page a very BIG thank you to you all!