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A Bantayan Island Wedding

While everyone else were going back to the city during the aftermath of Holy Week, I on the other hand was headed to where everyone in Cebu City had been, Bantayan Island.  Through the years, this pristine white beach tiny island has been a consistent hideaway for travelers, trippers and vacationers alike where they spend the entire Holy Week soaked up and drenched under the marvelous Bantayan sun.  It is definitely the place to be this summer.

So, having gone the Monday after Easter Sunday, I was not at all surprised to the silence and ghost-town feel of the place.  Anyhoo I prefer serenity over crowdedness and boom boom noise, so I was ok with the still ambiance. 
I had to go there because for the first time I was Maid of Honor for a wedding.  The bride is my long time very close friend of more than 10 years.  Our friendship had grown from giggling girls to becoming proud women and I am just so happy for her that I'd travel that far despite it being my Dads birthday just so I can witness her moment of happiness.  I almost cried seeing her walk the aisle with her daddy and aunt all teary and overwhelmed.
I spent 4 days there, although I didn't swim the beach ( I was tempted so much) I spent a lot of time reading One Hundred Years of Solitude and looking out of my window witnessing magnificent sunsets.
Funny thing was I had been obliged to catch the brides bouquet as the rest of the brides maids were probably below 18 years old and the single ladies where just too shy to line up.  I totally forgot that some guy was going to put on a garter on my thigh.  It was hilarious!
Having stayed at my friends in-laws house gave me the chance to witness old customs of kissing the forehead and hands of elders as well superstitions and traditions during weddings that are still practiced by people in Bantayan.  Going to the province to unwind and relax also makes way for us to keep in touch with our roots and preserve our heritage and good customs.  I am grateful for the experience, I went home refreshed with a whole bag of stories to share to my family.


  1. I've heard so much about Banatayan island... I wish I can visit the place soon. You look lovely and so cute in your maid-of-honor gown. xoxo

  2. congrats, camille! ikaw na sunod shabz...

  3. Ive never been to Bantayan but Im dying to go!


  4. my family and i are going there this may!
    it's mom and dad's first time! weeeee!

    you and the bride look like sisters! :D

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  5. wow, great.. that is what we call satisfaction..

    may the lord God will bless you always...

  6. Shabz saw the picture...lovely wedding...

    I haven't uploaded our pixies yet, but for sure I will tag you for your giveaway wins...

    Take Care love
    nice chatting with you again...


  7. thanks for visiting my site sis! followed your blog! maganda talaga ang bantayan island esp the beaches! been there thrice already..