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Should I DIY These Dresses?

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What I love about going to school on Sundays is the fact that when I go out from campus, I am immediately greeted by a tumult of clothes ready to be scoured and be stamped "thrifted".  The last few weeks of school had given me the chance to do what many of us dub as therapeutic.  Right after my crazy final exams I treated my stressed out self with a few rounds of ukay-ukay.  I found 4 cutesy dresses fit for the summer however they all need a few tweaks and one or two alterations to make them flaunt worthy.  It's either I go ask a local dress maker to do the task for me or I wait for my mom to feel a dawning of inspiration for her to fix the dresses for me, or worse, I ruin the dresses by doing the tedious job myself lol. 

Here are the stuff I managed to salvage from a seeming pile of ruin. ;) 
I hope they get done before the summer ends.. hehehe


  1. Great finds! I love the hippie dress (in last photo). Love the teal ones, too. The color is very IN this year :)

  2. yes i agree with you Meream ^^ all these dresses are too long around 4 inches past my knees, i cant flaunt my legs with those lengths.. hehehe

  3. i think i can tweak the turquoise and printed dress on the last 2 photos with a belt..and put them really tight on the waist..hehe.

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  4. yes you should DIY all of them! you never know what new creations you can come up with :)

  5. mary lee.. id love to do the alterations myself but im afraid i might ruin the dresses..

  6. school on a sunday?
    you teach?

    those dresses are pretty nice. i like the dark dress, it is so bohemian =)

  7. DIY my dearest...lovely finds

    Take care mwuah!!


  8. You should! would def give them more pizazz!



  9. dae musta naman ka? how was your stay in bantayan when it became a "ghost town"? i should try that out sometime, go there kung way tao.. hahahaha.. scary!

    yes, diy jud oi! its an opportunity to be creative:)