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Georges St- Pierre versus Dan Hardy

Best showcase of a pure ground game fight!  George, although this is mostly about Hardy,you're still the One for Me!!  
Hardy is very promising, I applaud him for enduring GSP all 5 rounds.  I love the smirk on Hardy's face when he faced GSP on the start of the fight.  I can really see his excitement, there was no ashen face of doom look.  The only thing I don't like about Hardy is the acid punk look.  But that's just me, I just loathe punk fashion that's all.  All else aside, Dan Hardy is really really cutie.. LOL 

Dan is smoking hot!


  1. actually dear, I can't relate but they both look super good...yummy!!!

    love lots

    Take Care

  2. Hello Darling!
    Sorry, I don't know these guys but
    I love boxing. Did you watch the Pacquiao vc. Clottey fight?

  3. ahh yes! pacquiao vs clottey fight was quite boring as clottey kept on running and ducking probably forgetting it was a real fight.. lol anyhoo pacquiao won that's all that matters right? hehe

  4. can you pls. pls. post the video of this fight?

  5. i cant seem to find any complete videos of ufc 111 :( its a bummer i cant post vids here i think they are very strict with infringement issues ^^

  6. stumbled upon this website thanks to the Mo Twister blog. you're a fan of GSP and then i wonder which UFC fighter named Thiago (Silva, Alves, Tavares or maybe even Paulo Thiago). lol.

  7. hi there UFCfan ^^ its actually Paulo Thiago.. I admire the guy for being a part or Brazil's elite special police force plus he is a very promising fighte too ^^