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Citibank Free Movie Pass Reconstructed

This promotion is definitely the top of my favorite freebies.  Ever since citibank(ph) launched it mid year last year, the whole family got hooked.  My brother and I love movies, all of our pc's and lappys are teeming with movies!

The mechanics for getting a free movie pass has slightly been reconstructed though.  I am breaking it down here.

Old promo: (do correct me if I'm wrong)
 - a single receipt purchase of PHP1500 gets you 1 pass 
- PHP7000 gets you 2 passes plus popcorn and drinks
- PHP20000 gets you more ( i forgot sorry)
- Receipts are for purchases from July 2009-Jan 31 2010
- Redemption is up to March 31 2010
- You can redeem at Ayala and SM cinemas (there were others too but these two are applicable to me)
- Movie pass is worth PHP130

New Promo:
- 1500:1 ticket, 5000: 2 tickets, 20000: 4 tickets
- Accepted receipts are those accumulated from March 1 2010
- The Promo runs all year round
- Redemption of the free movie pass must be claimed within 30 days from date of receipt
- SM cinemas are still part of the participating cinemas ( corrected )
- Movie pass worth is now PHP100 only
- You can only combine upto 2 charge slips to cover for the price of the movie ticket
Although there are MATERIAL changes, I still love this promo.  Besides, BEGGARS SHOULD NEVER BE CHOOSERS.  ehhehe

Click HERE for full promo mechanics.


updated 4/3/2010 : made some corrections SM is still part of the promo and placed a working link 


  1. super envy much!!!!

  2. i love this promo.. been watching movies through our citibank passes. :) thanks for joining the summer blog giveaway on my site and for your comment. i really appreciate it. :)