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Handwriting Woes: Update

I've mentioned here that I want to improve my handwriting.  It's because your handwriting can be a window to your character.  Your strokes, arches, loops, harsh lines and how much pressure you put on your medium for writing all shout what kind of person you are.  

My handwriting for me gives so much information about who I am that I get conscious and yes, insecure.  So yeah, I am hoping as I improve my handwriting, I also curb my bad/unpleasant sides.

For this I bought a Parker fountain pen.  It's nothing fancy really, just a basic tool to make my hand lighter and my strokes more flowing than cramped.

I hope and pray that after a few good writing exercises I can legibly read my work when I try to read it after a day or so.  ^^


  1. patay.maot kaau ako penmanship.hihi.i almost forgot na how to use pens.keyboards na lng always.hehe

  2. thanks to my dad, my handwriting is good...hehe.
    he was just so strict with me practicing on it when i was a kid...

    you'll get there!
    laysho the parker pen ha...hehe.

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  3. omgosh, my hand writing is horrible! YIKES!

  4. i wanna improve my handwriting toooooo :)

  5. yikes, i admit my handwriting changes a lot. is that weird?! hahaha. lol. good luck with the endeavour!

    btw im thinking of organizing a blogger meet up for us girls here in cebu! help me out?


  6. oh my dog. i haven't been doing real writing. well goodluck.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  7. You know what's great practice? Copying those script-written messages of Hallmark cards. Haha. I used to do that in college. It sure improved my handwriting :D