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My Prize Finally ^^

Remember I talked about having won a Nokia 5230 cellphone from the Trivia Questions of DJ Mo Twister?  I encountered a momentary problem when I found out I had to be able to claim the phone by walking in to the Magic 89.9 Radio Station in Mandaluyong.  I got stressed over this trying to find ways how to go about getting my prize without having to go to Manila.  Cutting the story short, I made a long distance phone call to the radio station and asked them alternative means of claiming my prize.  Good thing they allow proxies.  Thank the heavens for a long time friend who was accommodating enough to do the hassle procedures.   So right now I am happily tinkering with my new bongga phone.. ehhehe  Posted are my meet up photos with Mimi.
this is Mimi who went out of her way for me, tnx again Mi

And with like any other contest, it is but customary to say thank you to the people who made the contest possible. Thank you to DJ Mo Twister for choosing me as the random winner and to the sponsor Nokia Philippines for the gorgeous giveaways!  


  1. So envy...give away your blackberry...I just lost my new phone go now!!!! hahahaha!!!

    happy for you at last...you got your price whehehe...nice!!!

    love love love!!!


  2. wow youre so hot! and the nokia too