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New Baby ^^

I am usually so terrified of reptiles especially frogs, lizards and snakes. Whether they are big or small, I jump at the sight of them, almost akin to an irrational phobia.  I feel my skin crawl and as if I have just consumed a liter of lard every time these icky beings get near me.  This is some sort of general rule.

However, tonight I had just met the exception to the general rule of indifference towards these wrinkly cold blooded creatures.  Just this night, I met and for the first time conquered my fear and handled a very frail juvenile Philippine Sail-fin Lizard also known as Ibid in Cebuano colloquies.  
not the actual pic but looks similar in size. mine is more of a lighter kind of green almost neon

I dont know yet if its a she or a he, nonetheless I'm naming it Cattleya, after the person who gave it to me.  The giver, Cattleya is our household help, a very funny girl who is the same age as I am.  She brought the lizard from our hometown because she thought the family might like it since we love pets.  She didnt know that my mom and I have a thing for reptiles.  

Anyway we decided to take care of the new baby and as of press time, I am researching online how to take care of Cattleya.  Im committing myself to nurture it upto 3feet long.  Hopefully this cures my quasi-phobia.  lol


  1. are you kidding me???
    sorry shabzz...ehehehe I am afraid of those things...but still it looks cute...

    Happy for you!!!!

  2. my reaction was OWVER when my bro broke to me the news of a reptile pet. but when i saw it too was so scared, i felt pity and decided to hold it anyway.. both of us were shaking.. ehhe