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6 Things I learned From Sinulog 2015

Back in my college undergrad days, Sinulog festivities used to be something I anticipate right after the holiday season, second to my midterm exam preparations of course. Now that I have moved on to being a yuppie, Sinulog has become one of my major excuse curl up in my lair and shun the world out.

This year I rekindled my festive Sinulog spirit just like my teen days and promised myself to really immerse with the current generation of Sinulog party animals.

I am glad that coincidentally, The ViXeN's LaiR was able to take part of GMA 7's Sinulog 2015 Social Media arm by being the voice on the streets joining the hashtag #PitSenyorGMA

This was not really a planned social experiment but the whole Sinulog 2015 experience made me really reflective.  I think it is worth sharing and hopefully be source of good points to ponder on for future crazy festivities - Sinulog or otherwise.

1.  A Sinulog survival kit is a must!

Cebu City is as tropical as any island in the Philippines could get so arm yourself with sunglasses, lipbalm, sunscreen lotion, a hat, light colored garments, a fan, water, water and water.

2.  Go to the Mardi Gras site early, as in 8:00 AM tops!

Year after year the Sinulog crowd grows in epic proportions.  Hello millennials and baby boomers!  So far traffic reroutes are available online making it fairly easy to plan and anticipate your travel time. By 10:00 AM mobs will have formed in the Mardi Gras site's key areas specially Mango Avenue or Gen. Maxilom Avenue.

3.  Do not bring babies!

I always pity the babies who risk suffocation from the crazy Sinulog mob.

4.  Not all paint thrown or swiped at you is water soluble!

Sinulog gunk took 30 minutes and 2 soaps to wash off!

I had to scrub my face and neck raw just to get rid of the stains. Metallic paints are the toughest one to take off.  I feared for my eyes too! Colored rain apparently stings and it's painful.

5. Fireworks shows make me feel like a kid again!

I'm like a firefly, I'm always drawn to fire, and fancy fireworks shooting artistically in the air is no exception.  You can hear my koos and ahhs in the 6 minute video of Sinulog 2015 Fireworks Show in Ayala Cebu.

6.  It's perfectly fine to not get drunk or wasted during Sinulog!

It's not like I haven't had my own episodes of shaming myself in public with my drunken antics.  But really, Sinulog is a tradition of celebrating the moment native Cebuanos transitioned from being pagan islanders to strong Catholic believers that allowed Jesus Christ to change their lives. Let us always remember this as we toast, gyrate and shout to Viva! Pit Senyor! 

In retrospect, Sinulog 2015 was also an event of a few of my "Firsts" and the highlight definitely goes to my having completed the 9 Days Novena to Senyor Sto. Nino.

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