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Woman in Black 2 Was a Total Scream-fest!

The Woman in Black is back because she never left.  Eel Marsh has always been her home and whenever there are children, she would always want to take over.

Woman in Black 2 is a sequel to the Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) horror movie of the same name.  Although there is no connection between the two movie's story line except for the setting at the Eel Marsh House.  The movie has a bit of a romantic feel the kind that appeals to all ages.

It was a fine day to have been invited to watch the special advanced screening for the movie "The Woman in Black Angel of Death."  It was nice to be in the cinema with a gathering of movie enthusiasts. You could almost assume everyone was screaming in concert.

I'm a sucker for any opportunity to scream out the air from my lungs.  Watching horror films is my way of freaking the stress away.  Special thanks to Cebu Blogging Community!

The Woman in Black 2 Angel of Death is showing starting today in Ayala Center Cebu.  Go catch it!

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