I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Forever Flawless Pink Revolution EXTENDED!

Forever Flawless is my savior when my face could no longer take the stress when I was on my first semester of law school.  I had the scariest breakout I have ever had.  I tried a lot of remedies but only Forever Flawless' Advance Anti-Acne Facial turned my hideous blemishes around.  I used to patronize their skin care set too until I no longer had to use it.

I love how Forever Flawless suits one of my #kumbati2015 goals - which is saving - because I just could not cut my maintenance regimens and risk breaking out again.  Thank goodness for the Flawless Pink Revolution. A salute is well deserved indeed!

PS.  Yes I'm back to blogging!

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