I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Officially www.damnvixen.com Baby!

"Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?" -Frida Kahlo 

Whew! What a feat! I think I deserve a pat on the back for teaching myself how to go about domain registration.    Im talking about almost 8 hours of figuring out how this alien thing works!  It also helps when you have IT friends (ehem! J-A-N-E) whom you can pester 24/7.  But for someone who had just encountered cryptic terms like DNS and CNAME eklavoos, I have all the reason and right to be ecstatic.  I dare anyone to burst my bubble! 

I registered my domain with 1and1 simply because I can afford it and I have a handful of friends who work for this company too.  They do need a verified Paypal account or a credit card as a payment method so thank God I'm friends with the most trusting and thoughtful girl I know!  Sweet I owe you heaps for the big big help!

So what happens next?  I have big plans for MY site of course!  Plans I commit myself to actualize.  Here's a tentative To-Do list:

  1. Blog roll - I've been an avid follower of various blog and news sites that are just so fun yet informative to read.  I'd love to share with you what feeds my brain these days!  Im going to organize it well just you wait and see.  ^^
  2. Book list - Some of you may know that I love shopping for thrift books more than I love digging into a pile of used clothes ( going ukay-ukay).  The list will include a reflection of what I read about.  Note: reflection and not a review because Im no literary critique.  
  3. More beauty reviews - I will let you in on my recent hauls that fuel my "slight" narcissism.  Im keeping this real as in student budget real.
  4. Fashion pitches - Expect wearable styles.  Not too shabby not high street fashion either.  Think: Character and Attitude.
  5. Lookbook - I love Lookbook because it feeds my covetousness!  A girl has got to have an envious bone somewhere inside her to arouse motivation and inspiration.  I know it gets my ass working!
  6. Guest bloggers - I will commission a few people to write here for variety.  I too get sick of myself sometimes so this move hopefully would make you realize Im worth missing. ;)  My brother has shown interest in filling in this role.  Imagine my worry.

This blog has always been my tool for self affirmation.  As I re-read my previous posts I relish in the thought that despite my flaws and failures this is the one thing Im sure to be good at.  When I write I fly, who needs feet?  It is in The ViXeN's LaiR that I have wings to fly!  Rising like a phoenix!


  1. Congrats on YOUR domain! :) And wishing you all the best!! I will always be a follower and I am so excited on your reviews (no, reflections, hehe). Read my books for me, and tell me what happens. How about law books? haha :D

    And thanks for linking 'Sir' J-A-N-E.. my GS leader hehe :)

  2. no worries babe you know I support you more than anyone else...we started on this adventure together right???? I would not leave you hanging there by your own..can I guest blog if I am not busy hahahaha I can always squeeze in hahahahaha....so happy for you...once you get use to the codes and technical terms...go and transfer to WP okay???


  3. My brother has shown interest in filling in this role. Imagine my worry. --> HAHAHAHAHA! You're hilarious.
    Yay to the future projects1 :)