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Sticky Boobies

When I got to know about stick-on silicone brassieres, I cheered!  Some days, putting on a conventional bra, a wired one in my case, gets to be the toughest decision to make to begin the day.  Questions like, "should I go for a Tshirt bra or a strapless, padded or unpadded, front or back clasps" are questions we women answer infront of the mirror everyday.  Finally, I now have the confidence to say that I don't bother much with those questions anymore because I have my stick-on bra to address them.
Nothing on

with the stick-on bra; Notice the fullness and no marks
However great this invention is, let's agree to not make this a substitute for breast support.  Believe me you wouldn't want gravity to put a spell on you!  I whip up my stick-on bra mostly on lazy days when I'm wearing a tank top to the grocery store, or off to short errands.  Sometimes I use it on night outs when I don't intend to dance and sweat as much.

I haven't really put this stick-on bra to the extreme tests of clubbing and partying (note the amount of sweating involved) but so far they have not slid or fallen off with my moderate sweating.  Although I wouldn't suggest this to well endowed ladies beyond the C cup size.

Stick-on silicone bras are available in most of Cebu City's malls and department store lingerie sections.  Priced at around 150 pesos, surely you can afford it!

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  1. You can also buy at manalili! Haha, I remember one time, I was walking past a sales guy at SM wen he really called out for me then immediately 'tested' the stick on bra on my elbows. I was so harrassed! I told myself i'd nevr buy tht, evr!haha but I guess it's worth the try. Bt hapit ko nawindng saimung 'wth nothng on' haha!

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