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Zombadings: An Aftermath

filet o' fish ni lolabelles na panoorin sokaw ang movie na itechi chenes! tiyak ang sakit sa chanda romero sa katatawanan! It is reallerlyn trulyski funnybels!
Turns out, I really enjoyed Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington.  Just fresh from the cinema and I'm already wanting to pitch in my review.  This movie is hilarious to a point that I now fear my jaw might be dislocated; a reminder that I need to open my mouth and stretch my jaw muscles once in a while to avoid injuries.

So what's the point?

Homophobia.  Gay zombies or zombies in general may be funny and unreal but homophobia, in this country, is as real and as relevant as those beauty contests in our local Barangays.  Our national religion which is Machismo is still holding our progress by the balls and I don't see it loosening its grip anytime soon.  Why do you think a Robin Padilla is still the bee's knees?

So does this movie made me feel bad about homophobia? No, not really coz it was funny as hell!  Whatever message I'm supposed to get about fearing gay people being bad, got lost the moment Remington madeout with his bestfriend ( a must see! ).   Zombadings depicts a status quo at best.  A movie watcher's recourse is to just laugh hard and judge that it is indeed funny.  

p.s. Have fun with this bekimon translator

note: picture taken from Martin Escudero's fb Fanpage

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  1. I'm sooo gonna watch this... my hubby says it's super hilarious!