I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

Isabeau Unfolds 12

Day 12 - How you found out about Blogger and why you made one

Multiply used to have a cross-post option to many other blog hosting sites and Blogspot a.k.a. Blogger was one of them.  Just for the heck of it, I signed up for a Blogspot account.  Soon multiply became a flea market and when you have a booming avenue for online entrepreneurship, spammers, spam and spamming, all together became too much of a nuisance.  Since 2010 I have been with Blogspot and I have my own domain too!

My favorite posts that came from my multiply account were all very personal if not an attempts at trying to be journalistic at best.  Try and browse through them, I've posted the link below.

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  1. Flightless Bird, American Mouth gives me that weird feeling too! And since then I have been listening to Iron and Wine and I realized that almost all their songs give me that sad-ish feel.And true that for Multiply. It's full of spammers I don't even enjoy their marketplace anymore. My account is still alive though. I think it holds more pictures than my Facebook. :)