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Teeny Wowers

The sites I regularly visit were all over the recent Hollywood events.  I didn't get to see most of these events but from the looks of the pictures, especially the ones from the red carpet, I have found my favorites!  To me, they were quite a stand out!

Elle Fanning

Im not really drawn towards florals, but the way this young lady looks so innocent, fresh and glamorous especially in this Dolce & Gabanna romper, is very captivating to me.  No wonder she's become the Fashion Muse that she is now.  Keep it sweet baby girl!  There's a growing concern about a children being made to look twice her age.  I came across an article in The Frisky and it's quite an interesting read.  Personally, I think the times have changed, and we have our fast paced lifestyles to blame.  

Hailee Steinfeld
from Celebuzz
She was highly acclaimed in her performance as Mattie Rose in the movie True Grit.  Like Elle, she too is a Fashion Muse and is currently the face of Miu Miu.  She was astounding in a unique Marchesa dress she helped design!  Turns out she's got a bit of Filipino blood in her as her maternal grandfather is Filipino.  

Blake Lively

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively is the IT girl in Hollywood fashion.  Anything you put on her seems to project a regal aura that becomes all the buzz where ever she appears.  Take for instance this orange leather-ish Gucci dress and Christian Loubotin animal print pumps.  She looks so good I dont find it funny and amusing anymore!  There's more to hate, she's Leonardo Di Caprio's current squeeze, oh come on now!

Despite being in the ahem! mid twenties, I wonder if I could still pull off a teeny look?  Not that I'm fishing for compliments, but its worth a try! ;)