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Ingat Ka Neneng- reaction

“INGAT KA NENENG” This documentary made by the PROBE TEAM hosted by Che-Che Lazaro was about the very existent and real child trafficking practice in our country. The film featured minors from remote areas of Samar, a poor and seemingly desolate province, whom are subjected to sex slavery or prostitution. The parents and the children being tricked into thinking they were to be given a good job in Manila, instead the hopeful girls found themselves in a casa or brothel, a haven for prostitution. I am not surprised why these “Child Traffickers” chose areas such as that in the film. One could assume that the people in those kinds of places are in dire need for financial support, thus they would tend to grab any hint opportunity to earn more. It is just sad to know that even relatives, whom you would think as one who would share in the protection of your child, would be the perpetrator of such heartless acts. It is also a shame that there are not many programs or even adequate laws that protect the very vulnerable children. The watchdogs of government on this matters of concern are just not enough to safeguard our children from notorious individuals that are preying on their slum dispositions. As a member of the youth sector of society, I pity and feel bad for the children who have suffered this predicament, as I know the trauma and horror of their experiences in the brothels will mark them for life. In their age, they should have been busy in developing their talent or in enhancing a skill or discovering their identity. Instead they have been maltreated and are traded as mere commodities for the satisfaction of some peoples insatiable lusts. The damage done is so great that repair seems very faint. Thus in the long run, it would be society that would suffer the ill effects of a shattered personality coupled by possible violence and indifference towards betterment. The film is a call for more hands to be lent. Its is a call for the viewers to not turn the other cheek or simply pretend it does not exist, because we all know it does. Our society has grown apathy towards these pitiful conditions. Do we then accept that its is part of who we are? When will we act? When it would be our children's turn to suffer the same? We have become numb to horrifying realities but we weep with sincerity over fantasy and concerted drama.

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