I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. ~ W.E. Henley

How Do You F-O-C-U-S

Focus according to dictionary.com has 9 different meanings. What i particularly like is when focus is used as a verb, it would mean to concentrate. hmmm such a common word Focus is, yet when I get to encounter the chance to get to know it, I get swallowed by my BFF Lazy. Lazy, another word I so love oh too much. Unlike Focus, I dont have to look into a dictionary to know what it means. Ive lived with Lazy all my 22 or so years. Wow! I amaze myself with the way im personifying blant words.. hehehe lokaret jud.. Point is im loosing focus. No, actually Ive never had it from the beginning.

What did I learn while in law school? I learned that Im Lazy, a selective reader, and I that I embrace distractions all so willingly. Everyday since day 1 of school, Ive been bombarded with so many cases and books to read. Oh I read alright, but I dont comprehend or even if I do, they all get charged to my short term memory, and its span is only about 24 hours. All gets so blurry thereafter.

I remember why I wanted to study law, coz I want to out do myself. I wanna turn my back to Lazy, shes so fun and welcoming. Distraction is such a doll, he gives me so many exciting things to do. Focus on the other hand is boring, and painful..

I need to revamp mylife, tell me how do you focus? hays I need help..

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